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Why have plants in your office?


Office Plants Reduce Stress

Plants in the workplace offer more than aesthetic value. In fact, studies have shown they help reduce stress, enhance employee attitudes, increase productivity, and improve air quality

Office Plants Clean The Air

Modern office buildings can contain up to ten times more pollutants than the air outside. Common toxic culprits found in the office can be; mold, formaldehyde, dust mites, carbon monoxide and chemical cleaning agents. Plants in the office improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants. Plants also stabilize humidity levels. Indoor plants have also been shown to reduce the symptoms of  “sick building syndrome” or SBS.

Office Plants Reduce Noise Levels

Plants are commonly used to reduce noise pollution along highways and interstates. Using the same concept, plants in the workplace change room acoustics by reducing reverberation time. Plants placed in areas with hard surfaces such as hard wood floors, concrete and marble walls, will effectively absorb noises which can be distracting and hurt employee productivity.

What can the pink frog do for your workplace?

Professional Plantscaping Provides Uniformity of Design

Our Plantscapers will design an Interior Plantscape that places the right plants in your environment where they are most visible, provide the most design impact yet do not impede efficiency or take valuable work space.  The pink frog’s professional Plantscapers will match lush, attractive foliage to the specific light and temperatures in your workplace.



All plants will be installed by our professional and knowledgeable technicians.  Only the best plants will be used in any installation.  All plants are selected from our nursery for their suitability to the room conditions and light levels.

Professional Plantscaping Keeps Plants in Peak Condition.

Our professionally trained Service Technicians will perform thorough, weekly maintenance (watering, pruning, fertilizing, cleaning and pest control) and see to it that your plants thrive and remain in healthy, beautiful condition.  Our employees are screened, bondable and insured to provide you with Excellence in Service and Satisfaction. 

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